The history of the farm

A large olive grove with fine varieties of olives

The company was founded in 1882, under the Congregation of Charity of the Pious Work "Monte Quaresimina" of Fasano. In 1998 it was acquired and transformed by the will of enlightened and passionate agricultural entrepreneurs such as the Ricupero brothers.

Pickles and Preserves

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The transformation

Today in the company, thanks to the availability of a large space and important equipment. Excellent food preserves are prepared using carefully crafted treasures of the earth.

Events in the Masseria

Ideal for private parties and small banquets

The farm was also conceived to be an ideal place to spend a day in a family environment, far from the frenetic pace of the ideal city for organizing an important event.

km 0

The business idea has strengthened over the years with the clear objective of offering customers truly fresh products, skipping the intermediation. In short, "Masseria Monte" is today the most authentic expression of an agricultural company that guarantees the so-called "Km 0" products, also defined with the more technical term "short supply chain".

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